Shenzhen HuaCheng electric power equipment co., LTD is located in Shenzhen Longhua District Guanlan Street Junzibu Community Junxin Industrial Road No. 4 Plant 101. Company since its establishment specialized is engaged in the power system of 35 kv and below the high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, smart grid product research and development, production and sales; And with schneider, ABB, Siemens and other international switch equipment manufacturers to establish good relations of cooperation, distribution of various brands of medium voltage electrical equipment products. Annual output of more than six thousand various types of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment. Product sales distribution system all over the country and Hong Kong and Macao, Asia and other places.

Company has strong research and development manufacture and design production capacity, there is a group of high-tech talent team engaged in electrical equipment industry. Every year, with the domestic advanced level of high-tech products. The company has always been a state of constant innovation and development.

Company has a perfect production management system. There is a vibrant, have the courage to explore, dare to innovation at the core of the leadership team. In strict accordance with the modern management mechanism in the whole process and scientific management, full specification to the implementation of the lS09001 quality management system.

The company has established a perfect marketing network all over the country, has a set of effective marketing model and improve the market management mechanism. There is a charge of the marketing elite team. In Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, jiangsu has marketing network all over the country and product services.

Its own research and development production has the domestic advanced level below 35 kv: closed fully insulated SF6 inflatable series ring net switch cabinets, SF6 series metal sealing ring net switch cabinets, intelligent ring net switch station, intelligent switch, solid insulating switchgear (watchdog), the KYN type high voltage switchgear, outdoor cable branch box, with a box transformer substation, MNS and houndreds types product as like GCK, GCL, GGD/GGJ, XL, XM and other kinds of low-voltage power distribution cabinet.

All products of the company smoothly through the national high and low voltage electrical appliances quality supervision and inspection center type test report. And achieved economic and trade commission of guangdong province appraisal committee new product identification certificate and guangdong machinery industry association membership. Low pressure series of products through the national 3 c compulsory certification and type test report.

The company has advanced production equipment, a large number of skilled workers. Complete with all kinds of test test equipment, guarantee quality of each product qualified factory.

Company to \"strict, serious and outstanding, breakthrough, innovation, integrity, excellence\" as the company's enterprise spirit.

Striving and developing companies to market products requirements as the guidance, for the purpose, quality, quality as the life source, research and development of talent as a fundamental, good faith based on the market, the masses of users wholeheartedly service.

The company is willing to design and provide all kinds of different users from all walks of life the power of the best solutions and high quality products. Save a lot of problems for the user.

Also the company warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to understand our products advisory. Given you at any time to visit my company inspection guidance. Sincerely hope to cooperate with users to communicate with.

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